Minirin 0.2 Mg Tablet


Active Ingredient



Diabetes insipidus, Bed-wetting


Ferring Pharmaceuticals


30 tablets in 1 bottle


0.2 Mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days

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Minirin 0.2 Mg Tablet comes to treat diabetes insipidus and urinary incontinence (Bed-wetting in Children); there is a range of medications available to help manage the condition. One such medication is Minirin 0.2 Mg Tablet, a form of desmopressin acetate used to treat bed-wetting.
Desmopressin acetate works by suppressing the production of urine during sleep, allowing the child to stay dry. It works by reducing the amount of water absorbed from the kidneys into the body’s circulation, decreasing urine production. In adults, Minirin 0.2 Mg Tablets can also be used to treat excess urine production due to conditions such as diabetes insipidus.


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