Refund and Returns Policy

Reshipment and Lost orders

The reshipment process can be done if the customer notifies us within a time frame of 8 weeks from the shipping date of any lost order. There shall be no reshipment or refund if the customer will notify us after the given time frame of 8 weeks. The reshipment of any order will take place if it is not delivered in standard given time frame but for which it has some conditions to follow that are:
1. As the standard delivery time passes with extra 7 days to the date of shipment.
2. The address should be correct that you given along placing the order.
The replacement of the order will be charged in case you have given the wrong address, then our billing team will get back to you along with the refund details till the original order is reached to us. The refund amount process will take up to weeks to months as the return shipping has not be paid.

Returns and Refunds

Somehow if the order is damaged during transportation or is not delivered to you, then we will go for the reshipment of your order. If you wish you want a refund, we will return the refund amount.
If somehow you received half of your order then also we will refund the amount and will charge only for the received order part.
As out of Courtesy please give us 30 business days from when the order is shipped. If by any chance you have not received the order after 30 days or if you have got any message regarding the order as of its hold or returned back to the sender, feel free to contact us.