• We provide drugs only to those people who have already consulted a physician. The reason behind this is the medicine has a few side effects that might harm your body and interact with your body negatively. That is why you should only use medicine with the physician’s directions. It is best to ensure your safety.
  • You will notice that there are a few medicine pictures that are present on the website. The product that you receive might differ from the photographs a little bit. Just ensure that the product you receive is from an original manufacturer. You can ensure this by checking the website’s batch number and manufacturing details.
  • On our website, you will find that the prices are in USD. This is because USD is a standard for forex currency in which most cards make their payments after conversion. If you want to change the currency, then it is also possible.
  • The prices of a medicine can differ on a daily basis. It basically depends on the offers we have for you currently and discount coupons.
  • For any purchase at any point in time, only the website is responsible. None of our employees are liable for any order.
  • We hold the supreme right to cancel any order if there is any change in the government policy and declarations about the medicine you ordered. We will not let you hamper in this case as we will refund the money back in this case.
  • You will find a combination of generic and non-generic drugs on our website. All the medicines have a few side effects that might occur in your body. That is why we don’t take any responsibility for the patient’s safety. The physician is there to ensure your safety. Before using any drug, consult the physician.
  • We protect all information that you provide to us and are liable for its safety. Although we store all the history of medicines you order for ease, we don’t pass on that information to anyone.
  • We request that you always provide your real email address and also confirm it. We will send confirmation of your orders, discount offers, and other information from our website.

There are a few terms of use of our website that you must know before you use our website and order a medicine-

Security aspects

When you enter our website, then you will notice an SSL certificate active on the website. Along with that, there is 256-bit encryption on the website. These are some advanced safety arrangements that we have made on our website to protect your data. They store all the vital information and save it from hacking and stealing. Even the employees of the website do not have access to this information. When you enter the SSL, you can see all the information the website has saved on your behalf. We can do it if you want us to delete the information.

Policy regarding shipping

When we open a new account, we ask you to provide your permanent address. We are going to consider that address when you place the order. But if you want to change the address, then it is also possible. You can easily do it while placing the order and give a short name to save your address. When you place an order, there is a shipping fee depending on your order.

If you exceed the amount of $199, then there will be no shipping fee. Within ten days, your order will reach you until and unless your location is far from town. We can also break down your parcel into two if its weight is larger and the size of the shipment is larger. We will ship your order within two days and provide you with the shipping details. You should also note that ordering medicine from any special area, like a military camp, can take extra time.

Pricing policy

The website has the right to change the product’s prices but assures you that you will get it at better prices than other websites. If you are using any medicine regularly, we suggest you keep checking the prices of that medicine, and when you find that the prices are lower, you can order the medicine in bulk. A receipt will reach your way as soon as you place an order.

Delay in delivery

We are extremely sorry if any such issue happened in your case. There can be various reasons for the delivery delay like bad weather, unavailability of staff with the delivery partner, missed packages, etc. You should know that the website and delivery partners are liable in such cases. You should not worry because we will provide you with the medicine at any cost. If you cannot find the reason for the delay and more than seven days have passed, then we can cancel the order for you. In this case, you can either reorder the medicines or get a refund from the medicine. Until the medicine is in your hands, you are not liable for any loss.

Customs and charges

We are an Indian-based medicine selling website that sells medicines around the world. In most cases, there is no customs duty on the medicines you order. But in a few cases, a country’s customs apply some charges to the parcel. We don’t take responsibility for such charges, and the customer must pay those charges.


When you buy a medicine from our website, you will be eligible to provide feedback. There is an order history where you will find the option of providing your feedback. We request that every buyer please leave a review if it is possible for them. In this review, we encourage every customer only to tell the truth about their experience on the website, the quality of medicine we provide, and our support team.

Apart from that, they can also share the issue they are suffering from and how the medicine has helped improve the situation. This way, your review will help two categories of people. The first are those who are unable to make up their mind regarding the Goodrx Gold, and the next are those who are unable to make up their mind. Also, we welcome all kinds of criticism on our website and will try to improve ourselves according to the needs of our customers.