Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg (HCQS)


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Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Type 2 diabetes


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15 tablets in 1 strip


400 Mg

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Introduction to Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg


Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg: We all know how difficult the issue of malaria can be if it happens in a person’s body. Till now many people died due to the problem of malaria, and people don’t just want a cure to the issue but also demand prevention. There is one way through which a person can get rid of the problems of malaria and also cure it that is Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg.

It is an antimalarial and DMARD medicine that helps in malaria and autoimmune issues (issues that happen due to the immune system). Hydroxychloroquine is the primary salt in the drug, 400 mg of which is present in every tablet. Only those people who have a prescription for the medicine can buy and consume the medicine safely.


Benefits a person derives from consuming the hydroxychloroquine 400 mg medicine.

When a person is consuming the medicine, then there can be various reasons for that. We can also consider them as the benefits of the consumption of HCQs 400 mg medicine-

  • The medicine helps people who are suffering from the issue of malaria. Those people who are at risk of getting malaria infection can also take medicine as a precaution.
  • The medicine helps people who are suffering from the issue of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • This is an inflammation issue known as lupus. The medicine also helps in curing the problem very efficiently.


What are the adverse effects of Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg medicine?

When a person is consuming Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg medicine then, it can be harsh on their body also in some cases. A few adverse effects happen in the body due to medicine consumption-

  • People taking medicine are going to notice pain in their muscles and back.
  • Redness of the eyes happens very commonly due to the medicine. In rare cases, we can also notice a change in vision and cloudiness in front of our eyes.
  • Headache and dizziness are also an issue that happens in the body of a person taking the medicine.
  • People also notice issues of nausea and drowsiness due to the medicine. If this issue gets out of control, then vomiting also happens.
  • Rashes and redness on the skin is also a prevalent issue.
  • People are also going to notice issues of swelling of the throat and face. Due to this, a person has a problem with breathing.
  • People notice that due to medicine consumption, the heartbeat also gets abnormal.
  • A person is going to notice issues with digestion of food due to which diarrhea might also happen in the body.


What safety measures should you take before consuming Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg (HCQS) medicine?

When a person consumes the medicine, then they need to take care of a few facts. If they don’t take care of these steps, then the chances of side effects and other issues happening increase.

  • People taking medicine should do a complete session with the physician to discuss the medical issues, history, and allergies. After that, the physician will decide if you should take medicine or not.
  • People who are taking the medicine should not consume alcohol, marijuana, or any sort of drugs. Doing so can induce hundreds of side effects in the body.
  • The government and FDA have banned the medicine for the consumption of pregnant and breastfeeding females.
  • People should not take medicine with any vitamins and supplements without asking a physician.
  • You can take the medicine anytime if you have to take it once a day. But you need to fix a time to take medication and follow it completely.


What changes do HCQs 400 mg make inside our body?

When a person consumes the medicine, then some changes happen in the body of the person. Those Changes depend on the reason which a person is using the medicine-

  • Malaria– In this case, the medicine reaches near the liver area where malaria-causing plasmodium is increasing. There it will reach inside the body of the plasmodium and lead to this death. For that, the medicine first stops the protein production in plasmodium, which stops the multiplication. After that, the average body functioning of the plasmodium also stops, due to which they die.
  • Autoimmune issues- In this case, the medicine leads to a decrease in the functioning of the immune system. Due to this, their attack on the body parts decreases, and our body parts can recover. When the immune system again starts differentiating between one’s body organs and foreign body then one can stop the consumption of this medicine.

If a person does not notice these changes, then they should consult their physician and ask for help or a change in dosage.


Best online platform to buy the HCQs 400 mg

When a person searches the online platform to look for the website which they should choose to buy HCQs then they find it very difficult. There are hundreds of websites available online of which only a few are genuine. If you are also looking for one such website then the best option you have in your hand is Goodrx-Gold. The reason why you should choose this website are listed below-

  • People are going to notice that when they come to the website then the prices of the medicines are meager and affordable. Our main motto is to make drugs available to everyone.
  • We only provide quality medicine to those who are looking to buy the medicine HCQs 400 mg. The reason behind the consistent quality is that we only sell medications that reputed manufacturers produce.
  • People find it very difficult to trust a website for the purpose of buying medicine and sharing information because of the breach. But on our website, we have a privacy policy that will help a person in protecting their information on our website. Also, they get the right to take legal action if they find our website sharing their data.


Is the HCQs 400 mg medicine safe in case of covid-19?

Nowadays, people have a ubiquitous question in their minds about whether this medicine will help in the situation of covid-19 or not. When there was no medicine available in the market for the issue, then many physicians used HCQ for the treatment of the problem. Even some physicians claim that the drug has helped many patients. But when the FDA has tested the medicine on people who are suffering from coronavirus, then they find the medicine helpless. Apart from that, a few people also suffer from the adverse effects of the drug when consumed in the case of coronavirus.


How to store the HCQs 400 mg medicine properly?

If you are looking for the best way to store the HCQs 400 mg medicines, then here are the points you must keep in your mind-

  • Store the medicine in a room where the temperature is not above room temperature. The ambient temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The place where you should store the medicine should be dry and at some height.
  • The medicine should not be placed in a place where it gets exposed to direct sunlight. If you put it in sunlight, then the drug might not work when you consume it.



What is the category of Hydroxychloroquine medicine?

Hydroxychloroquine medicine falls under the category of antimalarial and disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs. It means that the medicine helps with the prevention and cure of the issue of malaria. Along with that, the medicine also helps out a person with autoimmune problems like arthritis, lupus, etc.

Does the medicine also work as an antibiotic?

The medicine does not fall under the category of antibiotics and doesn’t treat any kind of bacterial infection. The drug is only made to treat malarial infections and autoimmune diseases.

When to stop the consumption of Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg medicine?

In case of malaria or any kind of autoimmune issue, you should stop the consumption of medicine only when your physician asks you to do so. Without their permission, if you stop the medicine consumption then you might notice an increase in the issue again. That is why you must always take medicine and stop it only if the physician asks you to do so.

When to take medicine for the prevention of Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg?

If you are looking to consume the medicine before traveling to an area where the malaria infection might happen, then you have to take it only once a week. Also, you should take medicine every day on the same day at the same time permanently. You should start the medicine consumption two weeks before the medicine consumption and take it for four weeks after the trip ends.

Do Hydroxychloroquine 400 Mg help in the case of normal pain also?

When a person consumes the medicine, then they notice that their arthritis pain is getting cured slowly. They can move their joints effortlessly and don’t feel any pain. This gives rise to the question in the mind of people whether they can take medicine for normal pain. The answer to this question is NO. The drug only helps in the issue of malaria and DMARD.


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